Coir Products

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Coir Fiber

The fibre from coconut husk is called coir. Husk has two thirds coir pith and one third fibre. Coir fibre is extracted using a variety of mechanical techniques, such as pounding and combing. One of the few naturally occurring fibres that is not easily harmed by sea water is coir fibre, which is comparatively waterproof. Coir comes in two varieties.


Coco Pith

Coir pith is the substance that holds the coconut fibre in the husk together. It is widely utilised as a soil-less media for agri-horticultural applications and is a great soil conditioner. Its capacity to hold moisture is enormous. Pith is made by washing, drying, sieving, and compressing it into blocks of varying sizes so that it may be transported easily. Coconut pith is odourless, completely organic, and easy to handle. Because it is a natural and renewable resource, coconut pith is an environmentally friendly product.


Coir Rope

Coir rope is manufactured from matured brown coir fibre. A wide variety of products are made from coir due to its exceptional strength, resilience, and—above all—natural source. Rubberized coir pads, coir mattresses, coir cushions, carpet underlays, seat cushions, and drainage pipe insulation are just a few uses for coir rope.


Coconut Shell

The flesh and milk of the coconut have long been prized. But coconut shells are also utilised in a wide variety of items. It may surprise you to learn that coconuts are utilised in both culinary items and cosmetics like shampoos. Mats and seat stuffing composed of coconut fibres are examples of additional coconut goods.


Coconut Shell Powder

Coconut shell powder is made from dried coconut shells. The majority of the Indian coconut shell powder production sector is an organised sector. The substance is widely used in the plywood and laminated board sector as a filler in agarbathis, synthetic resin glues, and mosquito coils.  


Coco Soil

“Coir” is a growing medium made of dirt derived from coconuts, mostly the husk. Coco The qualities of the “dust” made from removing the long fibres from the coconut husk were comparable to those of peat moss. A simple growing medium that is used by both novices and professional growers is soil. Because basic soil has natural minerals and nutrients, organic producers may prefer it.  


coconut broom stick

The environmentally friendly material used to make coconut brooms, which are perfect for hard sweeping tasks like raking leaves and cleaning in between stones, is the leaf of the coconut tree.